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Halo Infinite multiplayer lead departs 343 Industries

As 343 Industries was gearing up to revamp the Halo franchise with Infinite, the company brought in some new leads to help shape the game, including former Rainbow Six Siege gameplay designer, Andrew Witts, who helmed Infinite's multiplayer development. Now that the game has shipped and is on its way towards a second season of content, Witts is leaving Halo behind.

In a tweet this week, Witts announced that he has served his last day at 343 Industries, saying: “Today was my last day at 343 Industries. It’s been an honour leading the MP design team over these years. Thank you to all Halo fans for your feedback over the years. We made this game for you.”

Halo Infinite released back in December and has recently faced some controversy online for slow content updates post-launch. Initially pitched as a ‘live service' game, players went into Infinite expecting more regular content drops, but there has been little outside of a few timed events during Season One.

Additionally, 343 recently announced that campaign co-op, a major feature in the Halo franchise, has been delayed again, pushing its release to later in the year. Forge mode is also still in the works and is planned to roll out during Infinite's third season towards the end of the Summer.

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KitGuru Says: Gameplay-wise, 343 did a great job with Infinite's multiplayer and Witts will almost certainly be spearheading another major multiplayer project sometime in the future. Unfortunately, the post-launch content rollout has not exactly gone to plan, or met fan expectations. 

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