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Bungie’s new game to be a Third-person character-focused action game

Bungie has spent 20 years creating nothing but first-person shooters, using each new project to refine the overall game-feel further. With the company having crafted a wholly satisfying first-person shooter in the form of Destiny 2, it looks like the company is expanding its horizons and making a third-person game next.

Bungie’s careers website currently highlights dozens of job openings at the company, ranging from 3D Character Artist to Lead AI Designer to various internships. While many of these job listings hold little in the way of interesting ainformation from the perspective of a video game enthusiast, TGP discovered that a few of them did provide core details regarding one of Bungie’s current secret projects.

A few of the many roles listed as being available for application ask that potentials (under the n’ice-to-have’ skills section) have “experience working on character-focused third-person action games (platformers, isometric, etc)” as well as “familiarity with the competitive gaming landscape/esports.”

Since reinventing the first-person shooter genre in 2001 with Halo: Combat Evolved, Bungie has stuck firmly in its then-new comfort zone, developing and refining its FPS combat. That being said, some of Destiny 2’s more flashy moves are performed in 3rd person – with sword combat exclusively adopting that perspective. Furthermore, Bungie did actually release a third-person action game all the way back in 2001: the Ghost in the Shell-inspired ‘Oni’.

With Destiny 2 continuing to truck along nicely, and Bungie making the most out of the genre, it makes sense that the team would want to flex their creative muscles and try something (mostly) new. It will be interesting to see what Bungie’s long-rumoured new IP actually is.

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