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Tango Gameworks rumoured to be working on a JRPG

Originally known for their work on the Resident Evil 4 spiritual successor The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks has in the past few years shown off a great deal of versatility – first with the open-world FPS Ghostwire: Tokyo, followed by the unique rhythm-based action game Hi-Fi Rush. Now, according to one rumour, the team is working on a JRPG.

This report comes from insider ‘eXtas1s’ who previously leaked the Baten Kaitos remaster and Kojima’s new ‘overdose’ game. According to ‘eXtas1s’ Tango Gameworks is currently working on two projects concurrently.

The first game in the works is said to be a JRPG based on a brand new IP. Even less is known about the studio’s second title currently in development – though according to ‘eXtas1s’ it is not The Evil Within 3.

Since its founding back in 2010, Tango Gameworks was known primarily for their work on survival horror titles, with their first two games being The Evil Within and its sequel. Since then however, the studio has branched out somewhat, with Ghostwire: Tokyo having its scary moments but serving more as a creepy action-adventure open-world game.

Tango’s most recent game – Hi-Fi Rush – meanwhile saw a complete 180 shift for the studio, with it being a rhythm-based comedic 3rd person action title. With the level of versatility shown off by Tango Gameworks, it will be interesting to see the two games that they are currently working on. Hopefully one of them is horror related.

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