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The next Marvel’s Avengers hero will reportedly be an ‘echo character’

Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers has had a tough start, with the late 2020 live-service title struggling to get its promised content out of the door. Things have stabilised somewhat, but even so, it seems as though the next Avenger to come to the game will be an echo character.

Industry insider ‘Miller’ took to Twitter to discuss the next ‘mystery character’ set to come to Marvel’s Avengers. According to Miller, She-Hulk was intended to release in Q4 2021 but was delayed to align with the upcoming Disney+ show instead. As such, “This consequently caused a larger than anticipated stretch of time without major new hero-focused content updates,” with Miller claiming that Crystal Dynamics is set to narrow the gap between character releases by introducing ‘echo characters’ into the roster.

Unlike She-Hulk – which is being treated as an entirely separate character with unique moves – echo characters will seemingly be the equivalent of a palette swap, offering greater perceived variety. The first of these echo fighters will reportedly be Jane Foster – known best for her association with Thor Odinson and her eventual transformation into Thor herself.

While some may levy criticism against Crystal Dynamics for not giving every character an entirely new moveset, the source material itself is notorious for creating characters which are in many ways echos of others – at least when it comes to the powers.

Despite labeling it a palette swap earlier, there is likely a much greater amount of work being put into these characters than one might think. Each echo character will presumably have their own voice lines, costumes and – hopefully – slightly altered animations to match the character models, meaning that in many ways, the echo characters should feel quite fresh – even if they are functionally similar.

Of course, we will have to wait until Jane is officially announced to know full details. With Thor: Love and Thunder releasing in July however, it is only a matter of time.

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