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STALKER 2 devs are moving out of Ukraine

The invasion of Ukraine by Vladamir Putin has affected many millions of lives, especially those residing within Ukraine. GSC Game World, known best for creating the STALKER franchise, recently announced their suspension of development on the game’s sequel due to the ongoing crisis. In a bittersweet moment for the team, they are now moving out of Ukraine.

In early March, GSC Game World uploaded a haunting video to their YouTube channel titled “Lights! Camera! War…” in which the current bombardment against Ukraine by Putin was put into full view alongside the announcement that due to the fact that “we are striving to help our employees and their families to survive” STALKER 2’s development had been understandably “shifted to the sidelines” with GSC Game World concluding by saying: “But we will definitely continue. After the victory. Glory to Ukraine.”

Since this video, the situation has only continued to worsen, and so as reported by Czech journalist Pavel Dobrovský (and collated by Reddit user Ardis160), in an effort to ensure their safety, GSC Game World is moving the whole studio to Czechia where development of STALKER 2 will continue.

According to the Czech gaming site Vortex, GSC Game World isn’t the only studio moving out of Ukraine, with other national indie gaming companies also considering the move to Czechia.

This entire situation is undeniably tragic, especially as it was all wholly unnecessary and avoidable. While millions of lives continue to be put in danger with each day, it is a partial relief at least to see that the team at GSC Game World and their families will be safe.

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