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Ukraine power outages confirmed as result of hacking

The recent power outages in Ukraine which saw upwards of 80,000 people left without electricity, are now said to have been caused by hackers. The BlackEnergy malware is thought to have been used in the attack, with a coordinated effort made to shut down the power, hinder its repair and …

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Ukranians crowdfund military drone-tech for army

Ukraine's current relationship with its neighbours in the East hasn't been the most care-free as of late, with tension and hostilities rising from both local and Russian camps. The problem on the Ukrainian side of things though, is that there's no budget to equip its soldiers, leading many to have …

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IFPI was behind Demonoid takedown


The IFPI, which claims to represent the music industry “world wide,” has also claimed responsibility for the Demonoid takedown. While of course it didn't raid the Demonoid offices itself, it was the complaints to Interpol that eventually led to the action. If you're not up to speed on the situation, …

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