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The Nintendo Switch has surpassed the GBA in sales

Each Quarter, Nintendo updates its console sales figures, letting investors and fans know just how well its system is doing relative to all others. The most recent Quarterly figures put the Switch just behind the Game Boy Advance. Thanks to some new external data, it has been confirmed that the Switch has now officially surpassed the GBA.

As of the 31st of December 2020, the Nintendo Switch had sold 79.87 million units, making it the 5th best selling Nintendo system of all time, just behind the Game Boy Advance’s 81.51 million units. Thanks to new figures from Famitsu however, the Switch has now officially surpassed the GBA too.

Each week, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu publishes sales figures for the various gaming systems within the country. In the weeks since the new year began, the Switch has sold just over a million units in Japan, putting the system within spitting distance of the GBA.

Further figures from the US-based NPDs indicate that the Switch has sold at least 996,000 units across both January and February. When combined with the figures from Japan (as collated by ResetEra user ‘sir_crocodile’), it can be officially confirmed that the Switch has now outsold the Game Boy Advance.

While it comes as no surprise that the Switch would eventually outsell the GBA, it is interesting to see just how fast the hybrid console is pushing past its predecessors. As of now, the only Nintendo systems still ahead are the Wii (101.63 million), Original Game Boy / Color (118.69 million) and the Nintendo DS family (154.02 million). We’ll have to wait and see whether the Switch can surpass these 100+ million-selling systems.

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