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The NSO + Expansion Pack trailer is Nintendo’s most disliked ever

Nintendo stirred up some controversy when they originally announced the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack. Costing up to £59.99 a year for the family plan, the additional service has been viewed by many as not worth the price. Fans are so annoyed in fact that the trailer has now become Nintendo’s most disliked of all time.

The trailer for the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack currently has over 1.1 million views, with 17,000 likes and 123,000 dislikes. This makes the trailer by far Nintendo;s most disliked, with the previous ‘winner’ being Metroid Prime: Federation Force (which is sitting at 97,000 dislikes to 1.5 million views).

Metroid Prime: Federation Force came at a time when the Metroid series was at one of its lowest points, and so to see the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack trailer surpass it is as impressive as it is unfortunate.

Following the service going live, it was quickly discovered that not only was this expansion pack overpriced, but it offered a substandard experience. Graphical issues, latency and more all currently plague the service – adding insult to the already offensive price.

While Nintendo is not one to often go back on its decisions, it will be interesting to see how the console manufacturer responds to this backlash – either by reducing the price, or improving the service.

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