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CaseLabs is making a comeback thanks to a new owner

CaseLabs cases were widely known within the DIY PC community due to their industrial design and build quality, making them some of the best chassis for custom liquid loops. Despite that, the company went bankrupt in 2018 due to the increase in aluminium price, the most abundant material in their cases. Now three years later, it seems a comeback is imminent.

The news originally came from GamerNexus, who received an email in early September stating the brand had been purchased by a new owner, Emil Rytterstedt. The purchase includes CaseLabs' trademark, designs, website, social media accounts and graphics.

According to Emil, the new CaseLabs will start by bringing the original line-up back into production. The new owner says this “will not be an easy task” as every part comes flat and unfolded, and there are no instructions on how to fold them. Emil also added that “the most important thing to [him] is that the spirit of CaseLabs is maintained”, retaining their characteristic build quality, craftsmanship and modularity.

There is also a survey running so fans can give feedback on what the new CaseLabs can do to improve as it embarks on this comeback journey.

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KitGuru says: Have you ever owned a CaseLabs chassis? Would you like to see the brand return to its former glory?

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