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CaseLabs is making a comeback thanks to a new owner

CaseLabs cases were widely known within the DIY PC community due to their industrial design and build quality, making them some of the best chassis for custom liquid loops. Despite that, the company went bankrupt in 2018 due to the increase in aluminium price, the most abundant material in their …

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Pirate Bay return far from smooth sailing

The return of the Pirate Bay at the beginning of February should have been a triumphant one, with fans and staff happy to see the classic face of online file sharing back to its old self. Unfortunately for them though, its rebirth has been anything but that. On top of …

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Pirate Bay still popping up, added Phoenix

Visiting the Pirate Bay in the last few years has felt like stepping back in time. Its design never really changed, apart from a few new homepage links and the creation of the promo-bay. And yet in the last couple of months change is all we've seen from TPB. After it …

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Space X sea-barge landing too ‘hard’

Commercial space organisation, Space X, attempted a frequently delayed unmanned mission to the International Space Station on Saturday, delivering supplies and important cargo to the orbiting station for the first time in months. While the launch itself went off without a hitch, the big scientific experiment with it was to see …

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Pirate Bay homepage has another minor update

What is going on with the Pirate Bay? Something tells me that's what the current admins want us to be asking. On the .se homepage that recently updated with a waving pirate flag, a pop-up ad and a countdown timer following a multi-week disappearance after a December raid, a new image …

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