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Xbox Series X can cache 12 games through ‘Quick Resume’

While the current generation of consoles introduced ‘Standby Modes’ which allowed for players to pause a game and switch off the console only to later pick up exactly where they left off with no loading, Xbox appears to be taking this idea to the next level with the Series X. The console manufacturer had already announced its ‘Quick Resume’ feature, allowing players to seamlessly switch between games, but thanks to recent hands-on experiences, these limits have now been tested.

Microsoft recently sent a number of pre-launch models of the next generation Xbox Series X to online influencers and tech journalists, allowing them the opportunity to test the console before its launch in November.

While there still exists embargoes on a number of elements to the console, they are now able to talk about their experience with the Xbox Series X when it comes to backwards compatibility. Ars Technica, who were sent a Series X, opted to test the aforementioned Quick Resume feature.

For next-gen games, the console is advertised to be able to swap between 3-4 games using Quick Resume, without needing to close any applications. As backwards compatible titles are less strenuous on the system, it would stand to reason that the Series X would be able to cache even more of these titles.

This appears to be the case, as Ars Technica have reported that they were able to launch and swap between 12 games on average without needing to fully close any of the games. While it is unlikely that anyone will be swapping between a dozen different games at any given time, the feature will certainly prove useful to some, and it's good to see that Microsoft hasn’t placed any artificial limits on the functionality.

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KitGuru says: Are you excited for the Xbox Series X? Do you see yourself using Quick Resume? How many games do you juggle between at any given time on average? Let us know down below.

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