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Bill Gates: Microsoft Office should get dramatically better

Microsoft Corp.’s Office productivity suite is, without any doubts, the most popular set of applications ever developed. Nonetheless, at present the suite lacks something here and there, which is why it cannot be called ideal. Bill Gates, a co-founder of Microsoft, claims that he actually wants to make Office dramatically better and forward-looking.

“Of all the things that Microsoft needs to do in terms of making people more productive, help them communicate in more ways. It is a long list of opportunities that Microsoft has to innovate,” said Bill Gates, who advices Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, in an interview with Bloomberg TV. “Making Office dramatically better would be really high on the list. That is a kind of thing that I am trying to help to make sure they move fast on.”


Microsoft Office is a strategic asset of Microsoft. If the whole world continues to use Office on the majority of computing devices and on all platforms, Microsoft will continue to earn money. Therefore, it is crucial for Microsoft to make the Office suite the best. Without any doubts, Mr. Gates understands the importance of both Windows and Office in the future of the company he has co-founded.

Unfortunately, Bill Gates did not elaborate how Microsoft plans to make Office better.

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KitGuru Says: Obviously, Mr. Gates and developers at Microsoft have a vision for the office of tomorrow, which is how they are going to develop the next-gen Office suit of apps. But what kind of vision do you, dear readers, have? Let’s discuss!

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  • James

    Office 2010 is a mixed bag but generally good. Word is great, and only Excel is really bad. 365 is not on my list of recent Office because I won’t buy subscription-based software.

  • Serialmania

    Microsoft Office should be free or alot cheaper from the start. Nowadays there’s a lot of better alternative that is free and better than Microsoft Office….