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Windows 8 Consumer Preview already has a million downloads

For the statistic lovers among us there is a new number to compliment the Windows 8 boot time figure we saw yesterday, the Consumer Preview has already been downloaded one million times. This achievement comes just 24 hours after it was available for download. The new Microsoft operating system “beta” was announced at a Microsoft event near the end of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview in action on a tablet

The Windows 8 Consumer Preview perhaps hasn’t had the best reaction from desktop users due to the radical new Metro UI being more tablet-friendly. However, the million downloads also reminds us that their servers must have taken a hammering. At minimum there would have been 2,500 TB of data through the pipes in the last 24 hours. All this and download speeds seemed near perfect, myself and others were able to get speeds in excess of 4 MB/s across our school’s Wi-Fi network.

Kitguru says: Good on Microsoft for delivering a solid Consumer Preview on time with server infrastructure to match it.

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