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Microsoft include ribbon interface in Windows 8

Microsoft are set to unify the appearance of their products, if the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 are anything to go by. New images of the operating system, such as the welcome screen highlight the Windows Phone 7 lock screen, while new navigation techniques used in Office 2010 look to be extended into Windows Explorer for file management.

Many people are discussing the latest system to come from the Microsoft stable, especially the ‘ribbon’ interface. This was introduced in Microsoft’s latest version of Office to replace large numbers of menus. It gives instant access to common features. Extending it to new versions of Windows itself can allow quick synchronisation of files between machines and the cloud.

Other cloud technology ideas have been noted, such as including the Windows Live ID in other parts of the operating system, as well as the prospect of the Xbox motion-based Kinect sensor being integrated into PCs. The success of sales so far indicate the myriad of potential possibilities.

Microsoft are said to be currently working on a Windows 8 application store, and a back up tool which KitGuru mentioned before, similar in design to Apple’s Time Machine. The tiled interface that Microsoft use in Windows Phone 7 are also said to be making an appearance in the upcoming OS, such as a version made for the Tablet market. Microsoft will finally include a PDF reader as standard.

KitGuru says: A public beta is due out at the end of the year, and the leaked screenshots are no indication of the final version interface.

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