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bugged iOS 6.1 banned from corporate servers

The latest bug in iOS6.1 is causing issues for corporate servers due to ‘excessive logging’ on Exchange servers when a user connects for mail and calender services.

A report on Microsoft Technet says “I had a user upgrade to 6.1 and immediately after he finished, his phone/IPAD started causing excessive logging on the exchange server.

I found the problem by using exmon and saw the CPU utilization in conjunction with high session count.

He shut down Outlook and the problem remained.  He turned off his iPad and the problem went away.  The only change he said he made that morning was upgrading to iOS 6.1.”

The problem has been confirmed by other sources. Windows IT Pro’s Tony Redmond reports “I’ve picked up a few other reports that cannot be publicly attributed at this point that also refer to excessive transaction log generation after iOS 6.1 devices are introduced into Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2007 environments. I assume the same is true for Exchange 2013 as the underlying cause is likely to be in Apple’s mail app code that calls ActiveSync to synchronize with a user’s Exchange mailbox, with some indications being that the problem is once again associated with calendar events. You’d think that Apple would have learned after the iOS 6.0 calendar hijack fiasco.”

Right now Corporate users are being advised not to upgrade to iOS 6.1. Sadly users who have already upgraded have no means to ‘downgrade’ to the previous version. IT administrators have little control over when their BYOD users upgrade, so they are resorting to blocking iOS 6.1 from accessing Exchange as a temporary solution to stop server outages for other users.

Kitguru says: No news on the fix for this, as yet.

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