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Google support devs for move to Ice Cream Sandwich

Google have some zany naming conventions for versions of their Android Operating Systems, and while the upcoming ‘Ice Cream Sandwich' release is still 4 weeks away, they are already preparing developers for the update.

Google have updated their official Android developers blog page, instructing their partners on how to update their applications for the changeover to Ice Cream Sandwich, shortly. There are no release dates on the blog page, and unless you are a developer the content might be a little complex to understand.

Yum - its Google's upcoming 'Ice Cream Sandwich' release

Google have placed a lot of weight with their Android platform, and it has paid off. The activations for tablet and smartphone Android products is still thriving and they have been able to take a chunk of the market in the mobile sector.

Honeycomb devs have two options to make the application usable on the upcoming release. Make the application workable on the tablet systems, or utilise the benefits with Ice Cream Sandwich and allow the application to be used on any size of device. The recommended option is clearly the second.

Google help the developers understand how to make an application work for both small and large screens and the code will adjust the display to suit the device. This will help the user, as they will only need a single version of the application for multiple products.

Kitguru says: A single app for multiple devices is clearly the way forward.

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