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Windows 8 successor coming this year

Remember Windows ME? Windows Vista? Windows 8? Microsoft would rather you didn’t and to help brush your memory of the last one further under the mat, it’s already planning the release of the sequel. It’s called Windows Blue and it’s coming later this year.

It’s not a complete overhaul like you might expect from a Windows 9 release, but more of an upgrade/service pack type of deal. It takes into consideration customer feedback on the way Windows 8 operates and will improve a few other features, as well as implement bug fixes. Most of all though, Microsoft will be hoping to shake off what stigma is attached to the current release of Windows 8, as it just isn’t selling well at all, despite what Microsoft PR would have you think. It was only a few days ago that we reported on what a failure Windows 8 has been for the company.

Windows is entering its Blue Period

Microsoft however is not completely giving up on Windows 8 just yet, also announcing along with the news of Windows Blue, that it had managed to sell over 100 million licenses of the operating system. It doesn’t however specify how many of these are licenses to customers and how many are ones shipped to retailers. Considering Microsoft used stats from the latter to pad early sales numbers, it wouldn’t be surprising if it was doing it here too. 100 million would give Windows 8 a bigger install base than is actually out there, so take these stats with a pinch of salt.

KitGuru Says: Also consider that Microsoft pulled all Windows 7 licenses, meaning retailers had little choice but to buy Windows 8 ones. Something tells me a lot of the new OS’ sales are down to consumers having little choice in the matter.

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