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Early Windows 11 build leaks ahead of Microsoft event

Microsoft isn't due to announce ‘the next generation of Windows' for another week, but leaks have swooped in to usurp the big reveal. It is now official, Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 and an early build of the OS has leaked online.

Windows 11 first leaked via Chinese site, Baidu, but The Verge has also confirmed the legitimacy of the leak. One thing is immediately clear, the UI changes meant for Windows 10X have now been used to spruce up the look of Windows 11 instead.

There are new light and dark themes in place for Windows 11, as well as a new, simplified start menu. Users will be able to choose whether they want their start menu and pinned apps in the centre of the task bar, similar to a Mac, or pushed to the left side in keeping with Windows tradition.

The search menu has changed, as has the file explorer. A new widgets system is in place for weather, news, stocks and other notifications. Unfortunately, due to this being an early OS build, not all of the design changes are in place yet. For instance, the redesigned Windows Store is not in place yet. However, we do have the new Windows 11 start-up sound, courtesy of Tom Warren on Twitter.

Microsoft has been quietly teasing Windows 11, despite previous intentions to just continue updating Windows 10 with feature updates in the years to come. Windows 11 will be officially revealed at a Microsoft event on the 24th of June.

KitGuru Says: Windows 11 is now official, but we've still got a week to go until the proper unveiling. What do you all think of this move? Will you be sticking with Windows 10 for longer, or will you be upgrading early?

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