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Parallels 10 brings Windows 10 to Mac

You can now throw the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your Mac with the latest version of Parallels. Parallels Desktop 10 now gives Windows 10 as an option for the virtual machine, alongside Ubuntu and the older Windows 7/Windows 8.1 ISOs.

Parallels works by creating a virtual machine on your Mac, removing the need to dual-boot with Bootcamp, although it can come with a performance hit. With Windows 10 running on Parallels you will have access to all of the new features and monthly updates as Microsoft works on improving its latest OS before release.


The program does come with a two-week trial but after that it is going to cost you. If you don't own a previous version of Parallels, you will have to shell out $79.99, which works out as just over £50 here in the UK.

If you do own a previous version of the software, upgrading will cost you $39.99 or around £25 here in the UK.

Windows 10 became available as a Technical Preview towards the end of last year. Since then Microsoft has been constantly updating with new features, the most recent of which is the Cortana Digital Assistant for desktop. Additionally, the latest versions of Microsoft Office are now available.

Those of you using OS X can find Parallels, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: Parallels is a fairly expensive bit of software for casual users. Although if you don't feel like dual booting your system, it is worth a try. How many of you guys use OS X? Do you prefer using a VM or Bootcamp? 

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