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Ubuntu to replace Firefox with Chrome

Firefox has long been the browser of choice for Ubuntu, but Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth told Network World that he is a big fan of Google's Chrome. The interesting news is that Canonical may replace Firefox with Chrome as the default browser in the operating system.

The indication was that it may already have replaced Firefox in the current release, but the company decided to stick with Firefox in 11.10. Chrome wont replace Firefox in 12.04 either, due out in April 2012 because that is the long term support version meaning that nothing major is replaced.

He added that Chrome is improving thanks to Google's focus on the Chrome operating system, which is having the knock on effect of enhancing the code for the Linux version of Chrome browser. Many say that Chrome actually is the best browser for Linux and that the version for this platform is better than the Windows version.

If Firefox was to be replaced as the default browser it would be a good moral boost for the team behind the Chrome browser and could improve the market percentages over the coming years, always a key focus for the companies involved.

KitGuru says: Chrome or Firefox, what do you think?

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