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Angry Birds hits the Formula One with Heikki

Angry Birds took the world by storm, selling millions of copies and generating Rovio a ton of cash. The latest flash installation hits the web, in the form of a flash based game which can be found at http://heikki.angrybirds.com/

The game play has not been changed, it is still based on physics – with the player catapulting the birds with powers to destroy structures containing pigs. The new flash game is based around a Formula One theme however and linked to tracks in the actual races.

Users register at the site and are given access to the level or track corresponding to the next actual race. Currently this is Silverstone in Britain.

The ‘Heikki' is linked to the companies sponsorship of Finnish drive Heikki Kovalainen.

Kitguru says: If this is a success we can be sure to see other themed Angry Birds games released over the coming year.

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