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Seagate acquire stake in DensBits Technologies

Seagate announced that they are acquiring a stake in Haifa, Israel based DensBits Technologies. No figures have been disclosed. Seagate are best known for their mechanical hard drives in both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch form factors.

The announcement shows that Seagate are interested in delving further into the flash memory sector. Seagate bought Samsung Electronics hard drive business last year for $1.4 billion, expanding their base of operations.

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The DensBits ‘Memory Modem' controller technology they are investing in allows users to get better performance and reliability from cheaper NAND flash storage chips. This technology could allow Seagate to assemble hard drives using less expensive chips.

According to Forbes they have a strategy for the future. They say “Long term, Seagate’s plan is to weave flash drives and traditional spinning drives together across personal devices, communications networks, and data centers.”

Kitguru says: Seagate are one of the big players in the mechanical hard drive sector and are set to adapt with the times.

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