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Macintosh users spend 30 percent more on hotel bookings

An interesting story broke today based around the myth that Apple users have a higher disposable level of income. Orbitz Worldwide have said that people who use Apple Macintosh computers spend up to 30 percent more each night on hotel accommodation. Therefore the online travel agency is starting to show them costlier, more expensive options than the Windows users.

Tracking people's online activity hasn't been a popular concept, however it does show the benefits for a company selling a product. The fact in this case is that people visiting Orbitz Worldwide will be presented with higher cost hotel options when booking online.

Search online for 'Mac V PC' and you are presented with many images highlighting the benefits of owning a Macintosh. But are the Mac users also wealthier?

According to Foxnews, Orbitz executives have confirmed that they are ‘experimenting with showing different hotel offers to Mac and PC visitors, but said the company is not showing the same room to different users at different prices. They also pointed out that users can opt to rank results by price.”

They found that Macintosh users are willing to spend $20 to $30 more each night on a hotel, than their PC based cousins, which is a significant jump considering they claim their ‘average nightly hotel booking is around $100'.

Macintosh users are also 40 percent more likely to book a four or five star hotel than a PC user.

Kitguru says: Does this mean that Macintosh users are wealthier, or that PC users are more cautious with their money?

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