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Google Chrome overtakes Firefox in UK

Google’s Chrome browser has been growing in popularity now for some time, but the latest news is that it is the UK’s second most popular browser.

A report from Statcounter shows that last month, Chrome took 22% of the UK market, overtaking Firefox by a small margin. Statcounter claim that Internet Explorer is losing market share to Google Chrome, but is still the UK’s favourite browser – more than likely due to the fact it is the default browser on Windows operating systems.

Google have spent money advertising the browser in the UK which has helped boost downloads, but many experts claim it is the fastest browser available.

Lars Bak, the lead engineer involved with Chrome told the Guardian UK “Speed is a fundamental part of it, but it’s also about the minimal design and the way it handles security. If you as a user try [to load] a webpage and it feels snappy, it’s really hard to go back [to another browser]. It has shown that people spend more time interacting with the web.”

Bak apparently focuses all his time on trying to constantly improve browser speed saying “You should never be happy with [existing] speed. Of course it gets harder to make substantial gains, but it’s all healthy competition. From the beginning we wanted everybody to be fast, and now all browsers are fast.”

Kitguru says: Do you use Chrome. If so, is speed the main reason you like it?

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