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KitGuru Gaming – Weekly Round Up

For those tech readers who don’t always get time to check out our game related content at Kitguru gaming – here is a round up of content published in the last week.

“How Parents are Sabotaging the Mobile Gaming Space for their Children's Use”

Brennan Knotts, COO of KinderTown, said that Forbes asked why there isn’t more innovation in kids’ apps, yet it made perfect sense to him – there are so many restrictions imposed upon children’s games that small developers often don’t have the resources to hire a legal team to avoid lawsuits that can arise through missteps in developing kids’ games.

iPhone shell1 200x300 How Parents are Sabotaging the Mobile Gaming Space for their Children’s Use


“Video Games in Church!”

Since the dawn of religion, people have found a spiritual connection within nature, so it perhaps shouldn’t be that surprising this same connection is experienced by people who play the liltingly beautiful game Flower. The impressive part is that this game was recently used in a centuries-old church in the UK – the Exeter Cathedral.

Untitled 300x188 Video Games in Church!


“The War between Console & Mobile Gaming and the New Generation of Gamers”

Last week, KitGuru emphasized a clear shift from console-based gaming to mobile gaming.  We saw this trend echoed by Atari’s marketing initiatives in the mobile space and throughapp developers seeking a share of the market within the fragmented app store.  Subsequently, we were led to wonder about the future of consoles.  Will consoles become a thing of the past, or can they co-exist peacefully alongside mobile gaming?

fablethejourney casting magic newb 1 300x168 The War between Console & Mobile Gaming and the New Generation of Gamers


“What's Happening to Social Gaming in Japan?”

The current case in Japan regarding gambling and social gaming is one for the books: although certain social gamers have spent tens of thousands of dollars (in just one month of gambling!) to unlock highly rare game items, a new law would decimate much of Japan’s social game companies’ revenue streams.  A recent article states that anywhere between “18 to 50 percent of [social gaming companies’] income” would be affected.

gree 300x180 What’s Happening to Social Gaming in Japan?


“The Benefits of Last Year's PlayStation Network Hack”

Eurogamer recently examined how last year’s PlayStation Network hack created a credit-card fearing network of PlayStation users even in a credit card-drive country like the United States.

playstation network card 20 dollar The Benefits of Last Year’s PlayStation Network Hack

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