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CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse review (w/ Speed RX Padz)

Rating: 9.0.

The gaming peripheral market is a hotly contested arena, with manufacturers such as Razer, Steelseries and Roccat all vying for sales. In 2009, CM Storm released the Sentinel Advance Laser Gaming Mouse which was formed around a state of the art (at the time) 5,600 resolution dpi sensor. It was in reality a very good product and it deservedly sold well.

Cooler Master are releasing their next flagship gaming mouse, The CM Storm Sentinel Advance II. This new product features a Avago ADNS-9800 laser sensor which can be configured between a modest 200 dpi and an eye popping 8,200 dpi.

When it comes to adopting a mouse, I have to admit I am very hard to please. I tend to gravitate towards Steelseries products, generally because they seem to be shaped for larger hands. We have no shortage of mice in our offices, but I find the Steelseries Sensei is almost the perfect shape for my hand. It doesn’t matter how fancy the sensor is, if it feels uncomfortable I just won’t be using it.

Today we are also taking a look at the new CM Storm Speed RX surfaces. These are constructed from microscopic synthetic mesh for optimum precision.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance II Mouse Features:

  • 200 – 8200 DPI tracking resolution
  • 128 KB Sentinel-X TM Memory for profiles and macros
  • On the fly DPI adjustments (+/- 200 DPI)
  • As little as 1.5 mm lift-off distance
  • Up to 150 IPS – 3.8 m/s
  • 125 Hz – 1000 Hz USB rate fine-tuning
  • 5 profiles with 4 DPI setting each
  • 8 programmable buttons
  • 9 virtual buttons via button combinations
  • Right-hand Ergonomic Design
  • Customizable OLED logo
  • Customizable multi color LED light system
  • 5 x 4.5g weight fine-tuning system

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  • Brian

    Sign me up, I too love Steelseries, but this looks like a great new option. ill hang fire for a few weeks and keep my eyes posted on OCUK

  • Peter

    those pictures really set the mouse up well. lovely looking LED at the top. useful too.

    One question, did you try other surfaces with it ? glass ones etc?

  • 3930K

    Why nine stars if no drawbacks?

  • Davis

    Thats a brilliant looking mouse.ill be shortlisting this

  • yorkie

    i dont think anything should get 10 stars. 9 max. if something got 10 then what can be improved?

  • Uriel

    It looks very like the original although I can see some improvements. Obviously the new lazer engine is pretty state of the art. is there anything with a higher dpi than this?

    I cant even use the 5200dpi setting on my mouse, ive no idea what 8,200 must feel like. seems a bit over the top imo.

    still it looks great. nice review

  • DriveChain01

    For Zardon there are no drawbacks, but he knocked down the rating for left-handed people – I’m guessing.

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  • iFLAME

    Great review and all the makings of a great mouse too. The move to the new Avago sensor should make this one quite flawless as the Philips sensor used in the original Sentinel had a few quirks. Also look at the price and compare it to the feature sets, I don’t know if there is any other mouse which boasts such an impressive decoration under $60! I’ve to get one before they find out boatload of issues 😉

  • Konj

    Looks nice on the pictures, but…..

    I bought this after my 6 yrs ol g5 started to dc from usb. All reviews were fantastic and it suits my hand. Did not wanna go g500 because of lots of threads with same problem with USB. That was mistake

    I was a bit suspicious when I opened it, after 5yrs of g5 use this felt a bit cheap, like I will crush it if I start some heavy gaming. And I was more that right. After not even full 3 months of using lefclick died.
    This mouse should not be called gaming mouse, not even if you play only solitaire. It is one fancy looking but badly executed product.

    It is new product, and all reviews on the net are about trying it, not using it. I guess that is why everywhere they got so many stars.

    Not recommended.