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No Man’s Sky NEXT on GOG won’t have multiplayer until later this year

No Man’s Sky NEXT has breathed new life into a game that was left behind by many. The introduction of multiplayer, for example, finally delivers on the promise made by Hello Games when first marketing No Man's Sky. Whilst Steam owners yesterday got to play with their friends, GOG players will have to wait until later this year.

GOG explained in a blog post that No Man’s Sky NEXT will not have multiplayer until later this year. Hello Games is still a very small studio, so they did not have the resources to release the multiplayer update across PS4, Xbox One, Steam and GOG all at once. With that in mind, multiplayer should hit the DRM-free version of No Man's Sky later this year, although an exact date has yet to be announced.


Hello Games will be working with GOG to make sure that No Man’s Sky multiplayer gets implemented as quickly as possible and is accessible via the GOG Galaxy client.

Those who bought No Man's Sky on GOG aren't completely left behind though. The single-player content additions from the NEXT update are already in that version of the game.

KitGuru Says: It is a shame to see GOG users being treated as second-class citizens, but it makes sense from a financial point of view. Any GOG owners of No Man’s Sky disappointed by this news?

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