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Starhawk’s servers have been shut down, six years after launch

When Starhawk first released, it was a big let-down. Its spiritual predecessor was such a watershed moment for multiplayer gaming on the PS3, and Starhawk did nothing to improve on the solid base Warhawk had created. It’s surprising it took this long, but Starhawk’s online servers have now unceremoniously been shut down.

Starhawk’s multiplayer servers were shut down on the 30th of June without so much of a whimper. Usually, Sony lists server shutdowns on their dedicated support page, but Starhawk just had a warning on its PS Store listing. Which is good for prospective buyers of the game, but not so great for loyal players who didn’t get a heads-up. Especially as the in-game news feature was disabled many years ago.

You can still play the single-player that is included with the game, but it's obvious that most people were playing the game for the multiplayer.

Warhawk, on the other hand, is still going relatively strong. It relies on P2P servers, so there is no real chance that the 2007 game will be going down anytime soon.

KitGuru Says: It’s a surprise that Sony supported the game for as long as they did, but it's still a shame to see any games multiplayer community bite the dust. Do you think Sony was right to finally kill Starhawk?

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