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Warframe will be sliding its way onto the Nintendo Switch

Warframe has gone from strength to strength in recent years. The free-to-play shooter is regularly in Steam’s top 10 most played games, and it’s not doing too badly on the PS4 or Xbox One either. Now Switch players can also get in on the action, as Digital Extremes is bringing Warframe to Nintendo's latest and greatest console.

This news was announced via a new trailer for the game. The trailer debuted on Nintendo's own YouTube channel and shows off some short segments of gameplay on the Switch:

Panic Button, the team behind the DOOM and Wolfenstein 2 Switch ports will also be working on Warframe. Panic Button has swiftly become the ‘go to' port house for Switch titles, having displayed great promise with DOOM and improving things even further with Wolfenstein 2.

DOOM was a little patchy on the frame rate side, but Wolfenstein 2 seemed to improve on that quite a bit. Hopefully with Warframe, we'll see even more improvements. No release date has been announced for Warframe on Switch just yet, but hopefully we'll hear more at a later date.

KitGuru Says: The Switch is getting some great ports as of late, and this will please several Warframe fans that would love to play the game on the go. Are you excited for Warframe on Switch?  

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