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Fortnite’s reality-warping Season 5 event sends in-game items to the real world

Epic Games is known for its theatrics as it builds excitement for upcoming seasons in Fortnite: Battle Royale, with Season 5 being no different. Following a one-time rocket launch event, players witnessed the cracking of reality in the skies high above, and now it seems that pieces of the game are making their way into the real world.

The reality-altering rocket was fired from a secret underground bunker, a supervillain lair introduced alongside Season 4’s superheroes, tearing the fabric of Fortnite’s space-time. Unfortunately, those that missed it will have to view the limited-time event from one of the many videos online, but it certainly makes for a spectacular watch.

While this has been followed by the usual rumour mill as to what Epic Games has in store for the upcoming season, few expected the rip to begin sucking in-game locations up and sending them to our very own real world. Tomatohead and the Greasy Grove’s Durrr Burger are noticeable victims of the tear, with the latter’s googly-eyed burger mascot being spotted in the middle of a Californian desert at the end of last week.

Found by Photographer Sela Shiloni, the burger was accompanied by a police car and multiple signs describing the site to be “unstable” and urging visitors to “beware of possible effects.” Of course, photographic evidence can be doctored, prompting Shiloni to provide concrete video proof instead.

The most prominent rumour to currently be doing the rounds about the tear pertains to a time travel theme, which has been all but confirmed thanks to an Ancient Greek anchor being spat out of the rift between Greasy Grove and Snobby Shores. Wild-West themed costumes are also confirmed to be coming to Fortnite’s Save the World mode soon, further indicating Epic’s delve into the past.

KitGuru Says: Although I don’t play Fortnite, I have a lot of appreciation for how much Epic Games puts into keeping things fresh for returning players. Are you excited for Season 5? What do you expect to happen next?

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