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Arctic releases new Alpine Passive heatsinks for Intel and AMD

Arctic is well-known for its cheap and cheerful CPU coolers, like the Freezer 7 and Alpine 11. However, the team is breaking new ground this week with a new line-up of passive CPU coolers, which could be a perfect match for low TDP applications at an affordable price.

Today, Arctic is launching the Alpine 12 Passive and Alpine AM4 Passive. Both versions are made of aluminium, have a black anodised finish, come with MX-2 thermal paste pre-applied and support CPUs with a maximum TDP of 47W.

The Alpine 12 Passive is designed specifically for the Intel 115X socket range and weighs in at 508g. The Alpine AM4 Passive, as the name suggests, is designed for AMD's AM4 socket. The AMD version of this cooler is heavier, weighing in at 557g.

These new passive heatsinks are perfect in low-power systems that you just want to run quietly. For example, something like a HTPC, though the height of these may be a little tall for some HTPC cases, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Both the Arctic Alpine 12 Passive and Arctic Alpine AM4 Passive are available now for a very respectable £13.99.

KitGuru Says: A very nice addition to the Arctic heatsink family for a very affordable price. Are you in the market for a new passive heatsink?

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