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Fans of alleged Andromeda device start petition to show Microsoft it has a market

Although Microsoft’s foray into the smartphone world didn’t go as planned with the Windows Phone, it seems that the company has itself quite the following for its rumoured foldable Andromeda handset. Fans are becoming quite impatient over Microsoft’s lack of acknowledgement towards reports, however, with many signing a petition to ensure that the company will see these rumours come to life.

Project Andromeda is rumoured to be Microsoft’s return to form in the handset market, ushering in a new Surface device that hinges on being foldable. In order to show the company that it already has a target market, Zachary Hinski began a petition titled “Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or Andromeda!”, already gaining nearly 10,000 signatures.

“I'm doing this petition to see how many people would buy this phone if Microsoft would release it. Money is power and if a lot of people want a Surface phone like the ones in the leaks then they will be forced into action as everyone knows Microsoft wouldn't be able to give a reason on why not to do it to their investors, as its too much of a money opportunity to miss,” describes Hinski.

Andromeda has been hinted for quite some time, with its current foldable incarnation leaking as early as January last year. Another patent emerged at the end of 2017, showcasing a hinged device with a screen on the outside, as well as a screen and keyboard housed within the book-like handset.

The latest leaks, however, suggest that Microsoft has ditched the keyboard in favour of extending the inside screen to form a tablet-like device when unfolded. Despite the ever-changing form-factor, the most persistent part of the rumours is that Microsoft seemingly intends to blend the functionality of personal computers and mobile platforms even further than current handsets.

While we’ve had dual-screen devices and two-in-one tablets that act as a laptop, Andromeda could perhaps break new ground with its proposed ability to act as a smartphone, tablet and potential mini-PC. “I myself wouldn't mind paying between $799-$999 (base figures, I would be willing to pay more if the phone is truly groundbreaking when it comes out),” concludes Hinski.

So far, without Microsoft’s official acknowledgement of potential upcoming handset devices, we are left speculating what Andromeda could possibly be. Needless to say, the petition shows that demand is definitely there for the company to try the smartphone market once again.

KitGuru Says: Lumia smartphones were namely disastrous thanks to their lack of third-party application support that led to slow adoption and therefore stagnation of hardware on the devices. So long as Microsoft secures outside developers for whatever it has in store, it could pave the way to success. What do you think of the proposed Andromeda foldable device? Would you be willing to jump onto a handset developed by Microsoft?

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