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Vertagear unleashes new range of Triigger chairs

Vertagear might be a relatively new company to the world of gaming chairs but we have liked the company's previous SL4000 and SL6000 offerings quite a bit. However, not everyone is after a highly stylised gaming chair, some would prefer something a little more suited to an office environment and for those people, Vertagear has its new Triigger 275 and Trigger 350 chairs, which are almost reminiscent of the Herman Miller Aeron.

Vertagear's new lineup of Triigger chairs focus on simplistic ergonomics and personal preference to deliver a more comfortable and user-definable chair. Each model comes with steel alloy dual spring hubs for reclining balance, along with soft arm rests and holtron hubless casters- which is a fancy way of saying ‘a wheel without a centre'.


The Trigger 275 and Triigger 350 both come with calfskin leather and a flexible cushioning for comfort. Rather than having lots of foam padding in the back of the chair, there is a mesh material used instead, which you will find on many high-end ergonomic chairs from the likes of Herman Miller and Steelcase.

These chairs utilise paddle shifting ‘triggers' to adjust lumbar support and height adjustment with class 12.9 screws for longevity. In total, both of these chairs offer 22 different seating positions, so there is a lot of room for different preferences. There are some differences between the Triigger 275 and 350 though, with the latter offering seat depth adjustments, enhanced casters and two point adjustable arm rests.

The Triigger 275 and Triigger 350 will be available from Overclockers UK starting from this week. The 275 starts at £529.99 and the 350 starts at £629.99.

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KitGuru Says: I have been using the Vertagear SL4000 ever since I reviewed it over a year ago but I must admit, I think I prefer the appearance of this new style of chair. That said, these chairs may end up being out of the price range for many gamers.

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