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Is a Polish hacker using your credit card right now?

Are you security aware? Most of us shop online fairly regularly. I use multiple passwords for all my accounts and play it safe, as best as I can.

I was asked to help a friend (not the brightest guy you could meet if I was being honest) with his system this week and I found out he used the same password for all his sites. Not too bad, you might think. But he also didnt use any protection software in Windows. Relied solely on IE and then risked it all by surfing dodgy sites (which I can’t mention here or ill scare some people, I scared myself looking at his browser history, the sick puppy).

How did he find out his system was giving problems? His bank called him to let him know his credit card number was being used in Poland yesterday online. They stopped it and had the sense to call him. They suggested his computer might be at fault. They clearly know him better than I thought.

When I installed Kaspersky it found a plethora of viruses and trojans, and im still not even sure its safe, even after blasting it with several anti spyware/malware programs.

Kitguru says: The moral of the story? Don’t answer the phone when a computer illiterate friend calls you after 5pm. You can bet your ass they are looking for help with something.

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