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Eating out and mobile phones, do they mix?

I posted earlier this week about the increasing dominance of technology in our lives. I think we all struggle when we don’t have our phones, or tablets, or laptops handy.

I was in a restaurant earlier this week for dinner with a couple of friends, and I noticed around me that when people were talking, other people would be frequently using their mobile phones, grunting and muttering answers when it was necessary. It seems a common occurrence now.

I even saw a couple, mid way through the main course, both on their phones. Probably tweeting about how how their day was going.

When I am in a restaurant I turn my phone off. When im eating, I like to be with family, friends, and have a chat. Even though im in my late 20’s im old fashioned about some things. I think its rude to be out with friends and be ignoring them, to talk to people online in another part of the world.

I even noticed in the restaurant that some people were taking pictures of their dinner and uploading it to facebook (I could see the famous blue logo on the smartphone next to me). ‘OMG, im eating a fillet steak, and its lovely wish u w’re here’. Crap like that.

This year, some restaurants in the UK have banned the use of mobile phones in their premises. People take pictures of food, talk, and take calls, interrupting the atmosphere of the environment. Some of the people in charge are finding it to be an issue.

Would it be a problem for you, not to use your phone in a restaurant, would you blacklist one that banned you from using one? Do you use your phone all the time, even when in company of friends at dinner?

Kitguru says: Facebook, Twitter and a steak, do they mix?

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