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Apple ‘anti fanboys’, just as bad?

Did I ever tell you about my friend Dave? Dave simply hates Apple computers. Dave isn’t his real name, but he has a Facebook account and reads this page, and likes his privacy. I like that about him. He likes the Kitguru Facebook page because ‘Most people commenting there seem to hate Mac, I like that they have sense’. Those are his words, not mine.

Dave is about 6ft 3, He is a monster of a guy, the human equivalent of a Humvee. I don’t like to argue with him, as I could probably fit into his coat pocket.

Dave used to work in a well known technology company in IT and his boss was an Apple fanboy. I think most of us know one, or two of them. Basically, Dave doesn’t like Apple fanboys.

Dave used to tell me stories of how his boss would insist his division of the company would be better if they all used Apple equipment, especially smartphones. His boss Steve (yes that’s not his real name either but it came to mind for some reason) used all Apple equipment and Steve would snicker at Dave when one of the machines in the company caught a virus ‘Macs don’t get viruses ha!’ he would shout as Dave would make attempts to clean it.

This attempted move to early Apple iPhones was when Blackberry was THE king in business smartphones. Dave tried to explain that to do that move would require a restructure of the IT department and associated equipment. Dave won that argument, which was just as well as I think he would have quit the job at the time.

Dave hated the one button mouse, he hated the coloured iMac, he hated the graphic designers who constantly said that ‘Apple are wayyyyyy better than PC for designing on’ and most of all he really hated the Apple stores.

I discussed yesterday that I have nothing against Apple products or Apple stores – I honestly don’t. Except that I find their staff a little hard to handle at times. I don’t play well with over opinionated people or fanatics regardless. This is why I find Dave a little hard to deal with. I consider him an ‘anti Apple’ fanatic.

Dave won’t go into an Apple store, every time he walks past one, he mutters insults and gives the finger to anyone in the store who is looking. It is more than a little embarrassing.

When the iPhone antenna gate issue came into the media spotlight, Dave thought Apple were done for. He has done this all through history when something has went wrong for Apple.

When Apple had the iOS6 maps issue, Dave thought a class auction lawsuit would cost them billions. ‘Game over’ he said as he smuggly used his HTC.

Its actually part of the reason I bought an HTC, he scares me. I would probably end up eating the iPhone 5 if I bought one. In person im a bit of a wimp. Sorry Apple.

Kitguru says: Are fanboys good to have on all sides of the fence? Companies must love their own, especially when things go wrong.

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