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New Android Malware infects smartphone and uses PC to spy

New Android malware called Droidcleaner has been causing problems for many people, infecting smartphones and using a PC to spy on the end user.

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have uncovered the new malware which poses as a ‘cleaner’ style application, and one that can ‘free used’ memory on devices. It has been available via the Google Play Store.

Once the unknowing user installs the software the malware infects the smartphone and can be uploaded to a desktop computer or laptop, if the phone is connected in USB drive mode.

Malware is installed on the computer to spy on the user. It can take control of a microphone on the machine to use it for eavesdropping. As soon as the microphone detects sound it will record the audio and then send it to the cyber crooks.

Kaspersky have said however if the user has a current version of Windows installed then the function that automatically allowed the malware to be installed will not work because the setting is disable on later versions of the operating system. The PC side of the attack is only really dangerous on older versions of the Windows code.

Kaspersky’s Victor Chebyshev has said in a blog post that it is the first time the firm have seen such “an extensive feature set in one mobile application.”

On a smartphone it is capable of:

  • Sending SMS messages
  • Enabling Wi-Fi
  • Gathering information about the device
  • Opening arbitrary links in a browser
  • Uploading the SD card’s entire contents
  • Uploading all SMS messages
  • Deleting all SMS messages
  • Uploading all the contacts/photos/coordinates from the device master

Kitguru says: We urge all Android users to be careful when downloading applications from the Android store as sometimes malicious software can slip through the cracks.

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