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Kim Dotcom’s Mega hit by DDOS attack

Kim Dotcom’s file locker website, Mega.co.nz, was hit earlier this morning by a denial of service (DoS) attack and no one has yet to claim responsibility. Perhaps more surprisingly though, internet mogul Kim Dotcom, has yet to point the finger or even mention the attack on his oft-used Twitter account

According to one NZ publication, the DDOS attack lasted about two and a half hours. However there are conflicting reports on this, as the newly appointed CEO of Mega, Vikram Kumar, told NBR that it was only for an hour or so. The attack was countered by Mega staff – to some extent – but it’s said that the DDOSers halted activity on their own. This prompted some commenters to suggest that this was merely a test run and that the main attack wouldn’t be far down the line.

Apparently the attack wasn’t even too significant, with most API users unaffected.

He’s also been playing a lot of COD

Dotcom however is staying quiet on the subject, announcing various unrelated things on Twitter, like the fact that he might have a URL shortening site in the works, as well as the fact that Mega now distributes more data than the entire country of New Zealand.

KitGuru Says: Dotcom has a few internet friends, but many big name enemies. Who do you guys think might be behind the probing attack?

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