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Nintendo to continue selling Wii U basic

“Well, why not?” you might be asking yourself, and it's a good question. 1: Because there's a big rumour going around that GameStop in America is going to stop selling it, because nobody is buying it,  and 2: Because nobody is buying it.

To make sure that the cut price, “next-gen” console from Nintendo will remain on UK shelves, Eurogamer got the Japanese game maker by the collar and shook it until its lunch money fell out; and then asked it if the Wii U would still be on sale.

“We are unable to comment on rumour or speculation however we can confirm that Wii U Basic continues to be available in the UK,” a Nintendo spokesperson said – while wetting their pants.

“Hey look, its the much more functional, only slightly more expensive, same colour version!”

Of course this sort of speculation isn't that unfounded. With Nintendo introducing the white Wii U Premium and thereby removing another reason for buying one version over the other, it wouldn't be surprising if the 8GB Basic version was phased out – especially since you need an external hard drive if you want to do any meaningful storage on there.

KitGuru Says: I have more than that memory in my two year old phone. Why would Nintendo give us so little for a £150+ console?

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