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Deathloop is coming to PS+ Extra and Premium too

This week, Deathloop finally launched on Xbox after a full year of PS5 exclusivity. The end to the Sony deal also meant that Deathloop could come to Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft isn't leaving PlayStation players behind though, as Deathloop will also be available to subscribers of Sony's PS+ Extra and …

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Sony’s 4K smartphone won’t actually display much at 4K

A few weeks back, we learned that Sony is launching the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium this year, the first smartphone on the market to feature a 4K display. However, it turns out that the display may rarely actually display things at that resolution. Sony has confirmed that the phone will …

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Sony to launch the first 4K smartphone this year

Sony has just announced two new smartphones, the Xperia Z5 and the Xperia Z5 Compact. Though a third smartphone is expected later on in the year known as the Xperia Z5 Premium, which will be the first one in the world to feature a 4K display, with a massive 806 …

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Battlefield Hardline Premium program announced

Now for the least surprising news of the day, Visceral Games has announced that Battlefield Hardline will in-fact have a Premium membership, granting owners access to all future DLC for the game. Battlefield titles have a history of coming with a premium version, which is normally priced at £39.99. The …

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Lian Li announces the release of it’s PC-O Series chassis

Lian Li PC-O7

Lian Li has been posting photos of it's new line of under development PC cases since September, and now it is ready to reveal the final products. There are four cases in the range so far, the PC-O5, the PC-O5S, the PC-O6S, and the PC-O7S. These range from the very small PC-O5 which …

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Final Stand won’t be the last Battlefield 4 DLC

Battlefield developer, DICE, has promised that the Final Stand expansion won't be the last update or bit of new content we will see for Battlefield 4. Writing in a Battlelog blog post, the developer said that it will continue to support the game, which launched back in November 2013. “With …

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Nintendo to continue selling Wii U basic

“Well, why not?” you might be asking yourself, and it's a good question. 1: Because there's a big rumour going around that GameStop in America is going to stop selling it, because nobody is buying it,  and 2: Because nobody is buying it. To make sure that the cut price, …

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Would you pay for a Youtube channel subscription?


Some of Youtube's most popular content creators have been approached by the video sharing site and asked to put forward proposals for the sort of programming they could make available on a pay-per-subscription based channel system, that could see users pay between £0.60 and £3.00 a month to watch their …

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Every Wii U will need an external hard drive


Now that we know Nintendo's basic Wii U save data allocation, user profiles and system data, will all add up to over 4GB, it's looking like even those with the Premium console will need an external hard drive if they want to download more than a couple of games. Of …

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