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Sony finally brings region switching to older PS1 Classics

Earlier this year we reported that Sony’s revitalised PlayStation Plus service – namely the Premium tier – ran into some issues when the service’s PS1 titles did not adhere to the correct region settings for players, making for a less-than-stellar experience. After announcing that they would fix the issue, we have finally begun to see Sony offer region switching – for only one game.

As discovered by VGC, Syphon Filter 2, the PlayStation One classic, can now be played at either 50hz or 60hz regardless of your region. 50hz PAL titles typically ran slower than their NTSC counterparts for better and for worse. What this means is that while some fans would want the smoother and faster 60hz output, those looking to experience the game as they did when younger might not have had the experience they expected.

(Image Source: VGC)

In June, Sony announced that they would be solving this issue by offering both PAL and NTSC versions of the game in a future update, allowing players to pick the experience they desire. So far, just one game has added the option – Syphon Filter 2 – but hopefully there are many more to follow.

Playing 50hz titles on modern TV can pose some issues and so it is encouraging to see Sony finally offering people choices in how they want to play their PlayStation games. Hopefully the remainder of the library gets updated soon.

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