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In the future, retro gaming is going to suck

You know what I’ve spent the last few years doing? Avidly attempting to find toys and games from my childhood. This is partly to collect them and partly to play with them – seriously I swear apart from a few things, my hobbies have reverted to the same as when I was 13 – but it’s all about nostalgia. During this sometimes expensive collection period, I’ve had moments where “if only,” I’d kept such and such, it would be worth loads now or at the very least, I wouldn’t have trouble finding one.

Where am I going with this? We’re at the end of a console generation people, if you don’t hold on to your 360, in a few years time, you might be buying one from someone that did.

And then you’ll be doing it because it’s retro and “omg do you remember playing X, it was so cool!” etc. Except as this Youtube user points out (just over 2/3 of the way in if you want to skip the pre-ample) it won’t be the same as going back to play retro consoles of today, because of the way the current generation has been handled.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQL34mgE28I’]

There’s the lack of local multiplayer in a lot of cases, which means without the servers (that will all be shut down in the coming years) there’s no multiplayer on a lot of games. Then there’s DLC, good luck finding that 10 years down the line, those servers will be gone too. A few of those, always-on games that are still kicking around will be completely bricked and what about XBLA? We know that Microsoft isn’t supporting it with the XBOX One, so how many years do you think Microsoft will keep paying for that once everyone’s moved on from the 360?

Of course this will all be a thousand times worse with the Xbox One, which may not even operate at all in the future without some sort of mod, once we’re on to the Xbox two – if the rumours of a regular online check are to be believed.

KitGuru Says: Retro is awesome, because while we’ve changed, the experience hasn’t. It’s fun to remember and realise it was crap, or that it was amazing and now for some reason, you’re a way worse player than you were when you were 5. The current gen, with its minor limitations will be a shadow of its former self in a decade’s time. The “next-gen”, might not even be able to boot. 

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