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VR Retro Arcade now supports light gun games


If you hanker for the long-gone days of dark and dingy arcades, with blinking and blooping machines with youngsters huddled round them, then New Retro Arcade: Neon is your VR dream come true. In its latest update too, the developers have added light gun support, meaning Time Crisis 2 and …

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Brighton retro radio would be perfect for a ‘Her’ future

One of the most noticeable aspects of the recent Joaquin Phoenix vehicle, “Her,” was that technology in this imagined future was very subtle. Instead of giving us a Minority Report near future filled with glass, aluminium and invasive advertising, we instead were shown a world where technology had retreated into …

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700 recovered E.T. games are going to be sold

Last month, the fabled Atari landfill was finally excavated and a Microsoft documentary crew recovered 1300 boxed copies of the failed E.T. game. Since the discovery, it’s been up in the air as to what Microsoft plans to do with the cartridges. However, it has now been revealed that 700 …

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There’s a $499 NES console remake coming out

If you fancy buying an old console for the price of an Xbox One then retro hardware manufacturer,  Analogue Interactive, has something for you. The company is known for releasing expensive editions of old consoles having released a wooden Neo Geo system in the past for $649. Now the company is …

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YOYOTech launches retro chic 901 chassis in the UK

Unusual one this. You’d normally expect a manufacturer to announce the availability of a chassis, but with the InWin designed 901 it looks like system builder YOYOTech has a bit of a deal to control the supply. KitGuru checks to see how customs will be checking the border. While mining …

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