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Nintendo 3DS hack gives user full control

The Nintendo 3DS has been under attack by hackers for the last couple of years but Nintendo has been steadfast in its defence of the handheld's security. A couple of weeks ago though, we saw the beginnings to what could be a hack that opens the system up and now it looks like someone has taken it a step further, gaining full control.

This news comes from GBAtemp forum, where hacker Neimod, is claiming he now has full control of the system in kernel mode, without any hardware modifications whatsoever. To make sure Nintendo don't rush in and patch the exploit before it can be fully explored, details on the process are thin on the ground, but TinyCartridge has it that it involves a specific retail game.

While the “proof” of this claim is merely a chat log from a well respected member of the community – backed up by another – screen grabs have been seen of another coder, Xcution, running homebrew tests on a 3DS.

Xcution homebrew running. Source: TinyCartridge

Nintendo has traditionally tried to keep a tight lid on piracy, with the R4 memory cards that allow for the download and storage of hundreds of games eventually being outlawed in Japan. However many have suggested in the past that piracy was one of the reason's the handheld flourished, as it allowed people to try before they buy. A bit similar to the message recently shut down Hackulous claimed to support.

KitGuru Says: Most of the people I know who have a DS have made use of an R4 card in the past. Are you guys excited by the thought of a fully cracked open 3DS?

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