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UK Police make arrest in high-profile TalkTalk hacking case

The UK police have managed to track down and arrest a suspect in the TalkTalk hacking case, which saw the financial information of customers stolen. The suspect is just 15 years old and was arrested in Northern Ireland, the police's own report also says that the boy's premises will be searched today and interviews will start taking place to find out more information.

TalkTalk officially began talking about the cyber attack on the 22nd of October, with the CEO of the company saying that its four million customers were all potentially at risk. However, after some investigation, the ISP revealed that the amount of information stolen was not as bad as first believed. 


Less data was stolen in total and most of the user information that was taken was encrypted. The ISP speculated that whoever was behind the hack may attempt to contact TalkTalk customers posing as a bank representative in order to trick them in to handing additional information over, which would then allow them to access bank accounts.

It is important to note that while someone was arrested, they have yet to be proven guilty so there is potentially even more information to come.

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KitGuru Says: This hack may have been blown a little out of proportion at first but it seems that the police were quick to crack down on it. While someone has been arrested, it is important to remember that they haven't been proven guilty just yet. 

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