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Breakup Notifier gets shut down by Facebook

Facebook have decided to shut down Breakup Notifier, a popular relationship tracker which is used to monitor the relationship status of chosen friends. The application sent users an email notification whenever one of their friends changed relationship status, meaning that interested parties could make advances whenever someone they liked was ‘single’ again.

Dan Loewenherz, the creator of the software package received a message from Facebook explaining why they had disabled the application on the site.

To ensure positive user experiences on Platform, we run routine automated screens that take user feedback, machine learning and various algorithms into account and remove spammy applications. For example, if an application is making an inordinate number of stream.publish calls and receiving a large number of user reports, it may be removed by our automated systems to protect the user experience and the Platform ecosystem.

Loewenherz seems to be rather miffed at the events which have removed his software from Facebook’s services, saying that none of his emails or calls to Facebook have even been returned. Facebook also appear to have disabled his personal account.

His Twitter page shows “Hey everyone, Facebook e-mailed saying that they’ve disabled us… We are working for a fix, but ask @facebook to put us back online!”.

A Facebook representative has said that the company is looking further into the issue with Breakup Notifier. This application has been immensely popular with over 100,000 users adopting it within the first 24 hours of it being launched.

KitGuru says: Over 3.6 million users had it installed when Facebook decided to call a halt to the program.

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