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iOS has more games than 25 years of gaming combined

Apple fans are going to love this news post, because reports from TUAW have indicated that iOS has more games than 25 years of gaming combined on all the major platforms.

While this is a rather dramatic statement to be making, the author, Richard Gaywood admits that he is counting the App store demos, as part of the total amount.

“Now, I have to admit that there are some caveats to this data. The iOS count is just a scrape of the App Store’s active titles in the “games” category; there is a lot of double counting in there from demo versions of games. The same thing applies on the other side of the balance for multi-platform games — there must be at least half a dozen versions of Street Fighter 2 and Doom. I’ve ignored some smaller console platforms that were hard to obtain numbers for. I couldn’t consider games played on computers as there is little reliable data for platforms that don’t have the strong publisher control that characterizes game consoles; for example, World of Spectrum lists 9,544 games for the popular 8-bit home computer series. Clearly, including those would change the graph around completely.”

Raw data available indicates the following game results on a worldwide basis:

TouchArcade have said that 51,855 games have been listed on iOS with almost 10 thousand of those no longer available. 12,876 of these have ‘lite’ in the title, which means a demo version and 6,542 are freely available. Regardless, while the actual number may be lower, this is still an extremely positive spin for the Apple platform.

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