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Nintendo continue to struggle: shares drop 5%

Nintendo haven't had one of their best years. The new 3DS console has failed to grab consumers attention and shares in the company have dropped by 5%.

In the effort to counter this, Nintendo have announced the release of a new raft of games to hit the struggling 3D console platform – 4 new games are on their way to consumers. The announcement of the new games at the trade conference was to help excite users into a purchase as many people have complained that there aren't yet enough games available to invest in the new portable console.

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Nintendo also slashed the price of the console in recent months, by a whopping 40% in some parts of the world, in the efforts to drive sales. This came less than 6 months after the console was originally released.

President Satoru Iwata also announced that they will update the game console hardware so the camera will be able to record 3D movies, which might help drive more sales to enthusiast users interested in the technology.

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