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Microsoft ready Windows 8 – will it be worth the wait?

Microsoft are going to unleash their upcoming version of Windows tomorrow. The new version, known at this point as Windows 8 is set to generate massive revenue for the company when it is released. The big question everyone is asking is ‘will it be better than Windows 7?'.

The reason people are concerned is that Microsoft are known to ‘drop the ball' from time to time. Windows Vista was not a success story for the company and many enthusiast users were very unhappy with the release preferring to stick with Windows XP. It wasn't until Windows 7 was released that they finally moved into the current day.

Windows 8 is also going to work with tablets, which means that they might finally be able to mount a challenge against the Apple iPad. To be truly successful however it will need to be ‘instant on', and to be streamlined enough to run fast on lesser, low power processors. It may sound easy in theory, but even Apple have two separate operating systems with OSx running on desktop and laptop systems and iOS on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Apple are trying to ‘merge' the two operating systems to make key elements more accessible for people who switch between the desktop and mobile platforms, but there are still key differences. Microsoft may be following a similar concept.

Microsoft truly want to take over a large percentage of the mobile market. They have yet to prove themselves, and even their latest Windows 7 Phone platform has failed to grab the consumers attention.

Early builds of the operating system have been seen online, with Microsoft keen to highlight it with videos available on Youtube.

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