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Xebec iTouchpad Diamond Series Wireless Keyboard Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are looking at a new product from Xebec – the iTouchpad Diamond Series Wireless keyboard which features a built in touchpad. It is rechargeable and is designed for Windows operating systems. Is this the ideal ‘controller’ for media use?

Being a compact, wireless design means the Xebec iTouchPad Diamond series is ideal for a media center. The supported range is 10 meters via the 2.4ghz radio transmission, meaning it should work perfectly even in the biggest living room. Cleverly, the keyboard can be charged from a USB port when not in use. No need to worry about the batteries running out.

Product Overview:

  • The keyboard is plug n play enabled therefore there are no drivers which need to be installed.
  • Full functionality of a full-size layout keyboard due to built in numeric keypad and 12 function keys.
  • Tilt feet for adjustment of the tilt angle for an absolute skid-proof and ergonomic operation.
  • Blue LED indicating pairing, transmitting and low battery.
  • Power On/Off switch to save battery.
  • Key count: 89.
  • Construction: Soft-Touch-Membrane technology.
  • Battery type: 2× AAA 1.5 V (included).
  • Plug n play.
  • Re-chargeable.
  • Optimal for Digital Living Rooms (HTPC) as well as for training, conference & presentation rooms etc.

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